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We offer our hatching eggs for those who want something rare and exotic!

We ship our eggs in foam (the best shipping for eggs available) via Priority Mail and insure against breakage. 

Hatching eggs are 6 for $65 or 12 for $110 with shipping and insurance included (inquire about Kikirikis)
Genetic Hackle

Genetic Hackle chickens have been the Fly Tie fisherman's closely held secret for generations. Only recently has the Poultry would in general been able to obtain these rare and unique specialty birds!

Genetic Hackle chickens have been bred to have super long hackle and saddle feathers that sweep the ground. Good quality birds have clear crisp patterning with clean well kept healthy feathers that don't require special care to get them that way. Fishermen who like to use feathers to make their own lures to catch fish can become masters of their craft- an art form! They raised these special chickens for their unique feathers. Some collect molted feathers and some use the pelt. We obtained our stock from Tara and Joe Spurlock. 

Picture coming soon!
Picture coming soon!
Silver Sebright

Sebrights are colorful breed of bantam originating from Britain. They have no full sized counterpart so are a true bantam. Sebrights are a small, active, alert and fun small bantam. They come in two varieties, Gold and silver laced although variations have been seen to emerge here and there. 
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Ayam Ketawa Laughing chicken

The Ketawa is a breed of laughing chicken originating from Indonesia. They are prized for their clarity and unusual length of their crows. The Ayam Ketawa roosters crow has an unusual similarity to a human laugh.  They can be quite friendly if handled from a chick. Our stock is from Greenfire Farm which imported them originally.

Serama - Silkied and Frizzle

Seramas are the smallest breed of chicken worldwide. Seramas are known to be sweet, gentle, easily tamed mini chickens that make great pets. Typically 18 oz or less Seramas are great for 4-H or FFA for children to show. They come in all colors and patterns. We focus on the most colorful patterns and contrasting colors. We breed for type, health and temperament. They come in normal, frizzle (curly feather type you would like) silkied (fur like feather) and sizzle (silkied and frizzle) feather types. You can select which feather. Because crossing of two frizzle parents will result in some chicks having serious health problems it's always recommended to never breed frizzle to frizzle. Our flocks consist of smooth roosters with frizzled hens. This means half will be frizzled and half smooth. With our frizzle Seramas we also breed for the best curl. For our silkied Serama we have only silkied roosters and for hens 90% are silkied and the rest normal feather.
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also Satin Silkies, Kirikiri, Bantam Cochin (bobtail and silkied and regular feather)  
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