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Silkied Hens available
Normal Feather Roosters
Regular feather hensĀ 
#73 6 month old tri color mottled - son of my 10 yr old Mr. White rooster
#76 black tailed buff silkied
#77 Buff mottled silked (back hen)
#79 Cream silkied
#80 black tailed white silkiedĀ 
#86 chocolate on the right available only
#86 chocolate silkied pullet
#88 mille fluer mottled/exchequer smooth cockerel
#92 (left) yellow and white mottled silkied #93 buff mottled silkied, sizzle on right not for sale
#114 silver young hen
#117 white young hen
#118 young hen
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#120 Super sweet black young rooster. He will fill out a lot more!
More regular feather hens/pullets to come as soon as I get pictures