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Silkied Hens available
3 black and white exchequer 5 month old hens. $100 each. 
Normal Feather Roosters
Regular feather hens 
#22 SOLD
#24 and 25 - HOLD Both
#31 mille fluer  color mottled young rooster $20
#37 Tri color young rooster $30 (carries chocolate)
 #40 chocolate with black lacing young hen $60 
Frizzle and smooth chicks also available for local pickup (no shipping of chicks) $15 smooth and $20 frizzle
Chocolate black laced with white young rooster $40
Pairs and Trios
#59 Trio (Rooster & two hens - Birchen and Chocolate Partridge hens with a mille fluer color rooster. All pure Serama. $100 for all 3.
#60 black and white exchequer silkied pair $165 HOLD
Breeds other than Serama
Bantam Cochins - 1 Blue and 2 Splash Cochin young roosters (Free)

 2 black hens, 1 splash hen ($20). HENS SOLD

5 Chicks also available (Local pickup only on chicks) $5 each or all for $20 ALL 5 on HOLD
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More young regular feather hens coming soon!
More young Silkied hens coming soon!
More young normal feather roosters coming soon!