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#73 6 month old tri color mottled - son of my 10 yr old Mr. White rooster
#127 young rooster
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#149 mille fluer mottled tri colored rooster $20
#150 Young black rooster with purple sheen. Very curious and personable young rooster!
#151 blue partridge young rooster $30
#152 handsome young smooth rooster
#211 black with some mottling young rooster $25
#212 chocolate mottle young pullet and mottled young rooster pair $100
#214 buff hen in middle. White hen not available. $100
#215 unique colored silkied hen and black silkied young rooster. Pair $150
#216 black short backed silkied young hen $100
#217 & #218 silkied young hens. Mille fluer variation and a black and white exchequer. $100 ea (discount if you want both)
#219 & #220 exchequer young hens. $125 each. One smooth and one silkied. (discount if you would like both) # 220 Silkied SOLD
#221 silkied young pair - mille fluer variations $150 for the pair
#222 smooth young hen that is laying. Lays a lot of eggs. $80 SOLD
#223 black smooth regular feather young hen. Started laying. lays a lot of eggs! $50
#220 exchequer smooth young hen. An eye catcher for sure! $125
#213 Exchequer pair- smooth hen and silkied young rooster. $100 PAIR SOLD
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