Silkied Serama Roosters
These are pure bred Seramas
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C Spots Farm Sales Page 
           Serama breeder since 2009

Welcome to C Spots Farm Sales Pages!

We are located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina USA

Browse below to see what birds we have available. We do ship as well as local pickup. We are also NPIP and have been tested negative for Avian Flu. 

We offer discounts on multiple purchases.

Feel free to contact us for more information :)

Shipping is available - we are NPIP

Contact me at
 Tammie Cappuccio on Facebook via email

text to Tammie 774-571-5278
Text - 774-571-5278
What is the difference between a Serama and a Kikiriki? 

Seramas are from Malaysia
Kikirikis are from Puerto Rico

Both originated from the combining of multiple small breeds of chickens many many years ago. Kikiriki is thought to have been based on Serama and combined with local bantams. In general the Kikiriki is smaller with short legs. Seramas have a breed standard where as the Kikiriki is a still developing breed,
Eclectus Parrot
"Hey, how you doin?''
Breyer woodgrain Rearing Stallions from the 1960's 
$60 each
booted silkied Serama
$125 - SOLD
AKC French Bulldog puppies
 Page coming soon
Send me a message if interested
#200 Sweet talkative mille dilute silkied young rooster. $30
#201 Stunning chocolate and white exchequer young  silkied rooster. $125
#202 mille fluer mottled silkied young rooster $30
#203 Proven beautifully colored chocolate and white exchequer silkied rooster "Chocolate Chip" $80
#204 young tri color silkied rooster. Will fill out, get more chest and get that style Seramas are known for. $30
#205 "Rocket" proven extreme exchequer silked young rooster. $30
#206 tri color silkied young rooster. Has some filling out to do. Nice silkied feathers. $30
#207 another tri color silkied young rooster. Real nice silkied feathering. $30
#208 beautifully colored chocolate and white exchequer silkied proven rooster. $30
#209 tri color young mille dilute young silkied rooster $30
#210 Unique colored blue-grey silkied young rooster $30
#211 chocolate and white exchequer silkied young rooster $30
#212 & #211 both chocolate and white exchequer young silkied roosters $30 ea
#213 yes- lol, another chocolate and white exchequer young silkied rooster. He will fill out a lot more. $30
#214 tri color silkied young rooster $30
#215 Columbian Malaysian type sizzle (silkied and frizzle) rooster. Thick coated, big chest and a softie for cuddles :) $125
#216 fluffy blue-grey colombianish booted silkied rooster $30
#217 black with rust hackle silkied young rooster $30
#218 silver blue-grey silkied young rooster $30
#219 red and white exchequer young rooster. Carries chocolate. $30
#220 columbian sizzle (silkied and frizzle) young rooster $60
#221 black that carries mottled proven rooster. 
very good with the ladies :) $30
Clockwise starting from the top bird:

#222 blue grey silkied young rooster $30
#223 red dilute silkied young rooster $30
#216 booted columbianish silkied young rooster $30
#224 light chocolate exchequer silkied young rooster $30
Silked Serama Hens
These are pure Serama hens
#225 tiny red buff silkied proven young hen $100
#226 Dark chocolate and white exchequer young hen $100
#227 buff silkied young hen $100
#228 chocolate silkied young hen $100
#229 dilute mille fluer color silkied young hen $100
#230 & #231 two buff silkied young hens $100 ea
Smooth/regular feather Serama roosters
smooth/regular feather Serama Hens
Frizzle Serama roosters and hens
from Puerto Rico
Others available for sale
#267 Red shoulder toppy (crested) Kikiriki young rooster $100
#268 Pair of Kikirikis. Just started laying. Hen is chocolate laced toppy (crested) and the rooster is a multicolor toppy. Both have short legs and are very small. Pair $150
#269 "Chester"small toppy (crested) naked neck with neck puff chocolate laced rooster. Very active boy! $125
#271 Young rooster and two young hens mille fluer Belgian Duccles (Dew-clay). All sweet, raised indoors with lots of handling. Trio $45
#cs1m & #272 Two bantam Cochin/Serama young roosters. $15 ea
#273 Bantam Cochin young pair. The young rooster is a mille fluer mottled and the hen a wheaten (I believe). Young rooster is a juvenile and will fill out to be fluffy and a real looker! Pair $50
#274 mille fluer mottled booted hen and a black silkied Serama rooster. Bonded. They hang out together all the time. Pair $30
#275 Two hand tamed Doves. Charlie is an albino female and Bravo is a pied male. Just laid their second clutch of eggs. Both are silkied feathered. They are held and petted often. They will step up on your hand.  Awesome easy to care for pets that are housed indoors currently. $60 both. They do best in pairs.
We have lots of chicks if you are local to us (Rocky Mount NC). A lot of different colors and feather types. Sorry we don't ship chicks.
#276 Laughing Chickens :) We have young pairs and chicks available for pickup. Chicks are straight run (both genders). We can ship juveniles at approximately 8 weeks. We guarantee males to laugh. chicks $20 ea, Juveniles $40 young adult pairs $150.
Due to life changes because of my health I am offering my young mare for sale to an approved home. Cassie is 4 years old and has been worked with on the ground and been tacked up and bitted once. I worked with her at liberty for most of her training for ground work, desensitizing, picking up feet, manners ect. She is up to date on vax, teeth, rabies and has a current coggins. She is 14.3/15 hands and respects electric fence. She is very friendly and curious. No bite or kick. Trailers well. She loves to learn new things. If your interested let me know. $4,000 and I can put a few rides on her before she goes. Guarantee sound and healthy.
AKC French Bulldog puppies! Born May 7 they are ready for new homes :)

Click HERE for Frenchie page :)

Page currently under construction. Send a message or text for more info Tammie at 774-571-5278
#270 handsome upright, short legged bolo (tailess) young rooster. $125
#233 pet type multicolor rooster $30
#234 blue and white exchequer young juvenile rooster $30
#235 extreme tri color exchequer young rooster $30
#236 mille fluer mottled/tri color/koi oung rooster $30
#237 mille fluer mottled Bantam Cochin/Serama young rooster $30
#238 Unusual colored young rooster $30
#239 lighter blue young rooster $30
#240 black young juvenile young rooster $30
#241 darker blue young rooster $30
#242 silver quill pattern project Serama young rooster $30
#243 black with gold on back $30 & #236 Koi/tricolor/mille fluer mottled young rooster $30
#244 Malasian smooth proven rooster $80
#236 koi/tricolor/millefluer mottled young rooster & #219 red exchequeir silkied young rooster. $30 ea
#245 black and white exchequer young hen $80 & #246 orange and white mottled young hen $60
#247 mille fluer mottled young pullet $80
#248 chocolate and white silkied young rooster and Chocolate young hen pair $100 & #250 Wheaten hen from Jerry Shenexeder. $message if interested
#251 red with white head young hen $60
#252.silver laced hen. She hasn't laid any eggs this year. $message if interested
#253 chocolate mottled young hen $80
#254 black friendly hen. $message if interested
#232 chocolate silkied young hen from Rhonda Needy's line. $125
#256 mille fluer mottled frizzle young rooster $80
#257 black and white exchequer frizzle young rooster $60
#258 mille fluer mottled exchequer frizzle young rooster $60
#259 Wheaton mottled frizzle hen $80
#260 tri color frizzle hen $100
#261 chocolate and white exchequer young rooster $30 (far left)
#262 extreme white exchequer mille frizzle cockerel $60 (far right)                
#264 black bantam Cochin/Serama hen $30
#265 tiny black and white exchequer silkied young hen. (may be a sizzle) $125
#266  black and white mottled with white head frizzle young hen $100