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Hens, Frizzles & Others!
Silkied Serama Roosters. These are pure bred Seramas.
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#55 black with white duckwing SALE ! $40
#62 Silver silkied      SALE!  $40
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#121 exchequer black and white 
             SALE ! $40
#122 Partridge young rooster
              SALE ! $40
#123 black silkied young rooster
#124 silver duckwing silkied young rooster 
                            Sale!  $40
#125 silkied duckwing young rooster
#126 (left)  and #127 (right) duckwing young roosters
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#134 chocolate silkied young rooster
#128 Silkied young rooster
#129 Calico rooster - fluffy! $40
#130 White silkied young rooster 
                SALE $80
#131 Booted pure Serama silkied young rooster
#132 Silkied young rooster
#133 BOOTED silkied pure young rooster
#134 silkied young rooster
#135 silkied young rooster
#136 mostly white exchequer silkied young rooster. If you like them fluffy, this guy is it!
#137  pair  -  black booted pure silkied young rooster and silkied young hen. See more pictures of the the hen on the next page.$100 * hen on left is sold
LOL- The Boys Club
These guys are always hanging out together :)

# 127 (on top perch) $40
#129 (on right) $40
#128 ( on left) $40