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Hatching Eggs Available: (click on their name for more information on the breed)
 * Under construction - message for more info.

Silkied Seramas- available
Frizzle Seramas- available (limited)
Satins - available (limited)
Silver Sebrights - available (limited)
Bantam Cochins -(splash/black/blue)- Out
Denizili Longcrowers - Out until 2023
Ayam Ketawa Laughing Chickens-  Out
Indio Gigante - Out until 2023
Genetic Hackle (Fly Tie chickens)- available (limited)

For Sale

Sales Page
#1 Belgian D'Anvers bantam pair and single rooster available. Lavender in color. From show lines. Pair is $20, Single young rooster $10
#2 Indio Gigante rooster. Proven rooster. Good temperament- non aggressive with people. $50
#1 6 month old rooster $45
#2 Exchequer 4 month old rooster $45
#3 Unique color 3 month old rooster $45
#5 Millie Fluer mottled 3 month old young rooster $35.
#6 White 8 month old Rooster. Many generations of white. $65
# 7 Sizzle (frizzle and silkied gene) exchequer 4 month old young rooster $35.
#8 Black duckwing 4 month old young rooster $45
#9 Chocolate mottled 3 month old young rooster. $45
#10 black and white exchequer 5 month old rooster. Long silky feathers! $35
#11, 12 and 13 = 3 month old young roosters. Very upright! $45 each
black and white, red and white and tri- color
#14 4.5 month old young rooster. $45
#15 blue partridge 4.5 month old young rooster. $45
#16 White with black spots (not splash) 3 month old young rooster with personality plus!!! $60
#17 Unique silver based with white hackle and black body spots close together. 4 month old young rooster $45
#18 blue partridge 3 month old rooster. $40
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Silkied Serama Roosters. These are pure bred Seramas.