Silkied Serama Roosters
These are pure bred Seramas.
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C Spots Farm Sales Page 

Welcome to C Spots Farm Sales Pages!

We are located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina USA

Browse below to see what birds we have available. We do ship as well as local pickup. We are also NPIP and have been tested negative for Avian Flu as well. 

We offer discounts on multiple purchases.

Feel free to contact us for more information :)
Smooth, Sizzle and Frizzle Roosters

Shipping is available - we are NPIP

Contact me at
 Tammie Cappuccio on Facebook via email
Text - 774-571-5278
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 for low or no fee!
Hens of all feather types
Kikirikis, Doves and any other type :)
 S22M blue mottled with wonderful shades of blue and black throughout his body.  $40 SOLD
S61M blue partridge and carries mottled. Produces upright colorful chicks. $60
S20M Koi/tricolor/mille fluer line very colorful young rooster. Direct son of my Mr. White. $60
S60M bue partredge booted rooster. Excellent sire to upright, colorful chicks. Exceptional feather $75
S2M blue partridge young rooster. Son of S60M. $30
S20M Same as S20M in above line. This pic shows his wonderful color a bit better.
S13M Black with thick fluffy feather type. Excellent with the hens. $40
S14M another Mr. White son. Beautifully colored Koi/tri-color exchequer young rooster. Young- he will fill out and straighten up as he matures. $50
S10M Black and white exchequer young rooster. $40 
S12M Tricolor mottled young rooster. SOLD nice round bodied colorful boy. S10M raised together and are buddies. Special discount on the two together. $40
S47M silver duckwing rooster. His guy has one of the most thick and full silky feathering. $40
S8M black and white mottled young rooster. Compact body with a great chest. $30
S9M black and white exchequer young rooster. One of 3 roosters in my main group of 20 hens. $50
Sorry about the cage pictures. If you'd like close up pics of any let me know.

S4M handsome blue young rooster. Needs to mature and fill out but on his way :) $40

S5M blue and white young rooster- nice plump body type with great color $40

S6M blue and white young rooster. Nice color- very upright. Has a "look at me" personality. $40

S​7M Tri color/Koi very young rooster. Sweet as can be! $25

S8M black and white young rooster. Also pictured above $30

S16m SOLD & S17m Smooth sons of Mr. White (who turns 10 this year!) and a mille fluer smooth Serama hen. Awesome tri color /Koi coloring with lots of white.  $45 .
S59M Smooth Malaysian type partridge rooster. Sires beautiful patterned chicks. Sweet boy! $100
S18M sizzle columbian rooster. Has both silkied and frizzle feathering. My comical boy- he makes me laugh with his antics! $80
S15M chocolate mille fluer frizzle young rooster. Awesome type and feather. $85 SOLD
S23F black and white mottled with white head silkied young hen. She has it all! $100 SOLD
S14F smooth feather mottled young hen. Lots of mottle and will get more as she matures $100
S24F smooth mottled mille fluer young hen. Gorgeous much saught after color! $85
S22F Black tailed buff smooth young hen. She incubated and hatched her first eggs successfully. Her 3 black and white exchequer chicks are also available for local pickup. Hen can ship. Hen $100 chicks $20 ea. Discount for hen and chicks together. 
SOLD S7F Top quality black smooth hen. Has blue sheen to her feathers. Excellent layer. $85
S1F buff silkied young hen $100

S1M smooth black young rooster $25

S2M blue partridge silkied young rooster. $35

S27M smooth buff young hen. Has started laying.  $85
S10F black and white mottled silkied young hen. Gorgeous chest on her! Lays regularly $100
S13F & S12F SOLD silkied black and black and white mottled smooth young hens. Grew up together- they both incubated their first eggs together and have 3 beautiful chicks! (also available). $100 ea.S
S15F smooth tri color mottled young hen. Chocolate, black and white. Laying regularly $85
S8F smooth black hen. Great mom and mouse catcher! :) lays regularly and a lot. $65
S25F & S26F  Rare offering! Blue laced smooth hens. Excellent layers of lots of eggs! Rhonda Needy lilnes. $100 ea. Both SOLD
S9F mille fluer dilute smooth young hen. Layed her first eggs recently and is now incubating them. Beautiful shading and wonderful chest for a hen! $85 SOLD
S8F side view. Also pictured above. smooth black hen. Great layer and mouse catcher! $65
S2F buff booted smooth young hen $65
S3F blue booted silkied young hen - micro $100
S4F mille fluer mottled smooth young hen $65
S5F blue with white chest booted silkied young hen $100
Wrong number- will be fixed soon. Just as well she is currently taking care of chicks and will be available after. SOLD
S21chx 3 adorable black and white exchequer chicks. Pickup only- I don't ship young chicks. $20 ea or discount on all 3
S13chx yes more chicks! two black and white and a chocolate frizzle. Black and whites are $20 ea, the frizzle $40 Pickup only
K3M (incorrect number on his second pic- to be fixed soon). Handsome naked neck with neck puff Kikiriki young rooster. Personality plus! $60
K20Pair Young Kikiriki pair. Hen is laying regularly. Personality plus on these two. She is buff and he is chocolate laced $125 pair.   SOLD
Found a home!
K1M Vibrantly colored young Kikiriki rooster. Sweet boy- loves to be held. He ha a leaning tail that doesn't bother him but he should be a pet and could be an indoor pet. For adoption. Contact me for info. 
Two hand tamed Doves. Young- just weaned, eating well and ready for new homes. Charlie is an albino and Bravo is a pied. Both are silkied feathered. Awesome easy to care for pets that are housed indoors currently. $80 both. They do best in pairs.
CS1M  Bantam Cochin cross young rooster. Handsome young guy! For adoption. Message for info.
S51M black with silver young rooster (handicapped) for adoption. Contact me for info.
SAT1F  Satin young hen. Partridge laced. $30
What is the difference between a Serama and a Kikiriki? 

Seramas are from Malaysia
Kikirikis are from Puerto Rico

Both originated from the combining of multiple small breeds of chickens many many years ago. Kikiriki is thought to have been based on Serama and combined with local bantams. In general the Kikiriki is smaller. Seramas have a breed standard where as the Kikiriki is still a still developing breed,
Due to the holidays and winter weather we can mutually agree on the ship date so the birds can travel safely. I don't mind holding them until a good couple of days is upcoming.