C Spots Farm

Quail Eggs

One of the benefits of having quails is the eggs. Coturnix eggs are typically brown and tan mottled. Coturnix quail will lay an egg a day on average. Coturnix quails have been bred for meat and egg production for years. It is advisable to collect eggs twice a day and refrigerate them until ready for consumption.

Quail eggs are becoming very popular and are considered a delicacy. You can use quail eggs anywhere you would use a chicken egg. Three Coturnix Quail eggs equal one average large chicken egg. Quail eggs are said to have a “richer” taste somewhat “like butter.” 

Quail eggs are nutritionally superior to the chicken eggs. Their nutritional value is three to four times greater than a chicken egg.  Chicken eggs contain 11 percent protein while Quail eggs contain 13 percent.  Quail eggs also have 140 percent of vitamin B1 compared to 50 percent in chicken eggs. They   contain five times as much potassium and iron.  People with food allergies have been able to consume quail eggs as they do not cause allergies or diathesis.  Actually the quail egg contains an ovomucoid protein that helps fight allergies.  It has been shown that a person that is intolerant of chicken eggs can use a quail egg as an alternative. Quail eggs are also good source of HDL cholesterol (the “good” cholesterol). 

Boiled quail eggs make a great snack! The eggs are quickly and easily boiled just like a chicken egg and once peeled make a nice bite-sized snack. 

Consider the Coturnix quail as a great “all-purpose” bird.  From the delicious meat to its nutritionally superior eggs, the quail is a great “green” way to add to your family’s food supply.