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Quail Page

Some fun pictures of our quail
Coturnix Quails
Button Quails
See video on Youtube of newly hatched Button Quails only hours old HERE.

I am located in Franklin, MA. I do ship quails. The quails must be at least 4 weeks old to ship. If you would like a quote, email me.
Our quail incubating and hatching area.

Cinnamon Golden Pearl tuxedo Button quail male
Silver tuxedo hen and Splash hen
Red Breast/Golden Pearl male tuxedo/pied with extra rust on rump
Golden Pearl hen
Silver pair
Whites- Buttons
Red Breasted hen
Silver tuxedo chick
Young hens- Darth Vader hen (red breast), golden pearl tuxedo, blue faced/golden pearled pied. (BQ)

Button Quails- Silver hen in back and blue faced in front.
Red breasted hen and blue faced male
Splashed male Button
Italian Coturnix chicks
 Dark headed male with bib and white primaries
Tuxedos with some pied showing through
Red Breasted silver tuxedo; dark headed, very light and rare mutation hen
Wild tuxedo hen
Blue face tuxedo w/some pied showing male
Normal tuxedo w/some pied spotting showing
Tuxedo/pied male with shoulder backward "ZZ"
Red Breasted, dark head, rare dark morph hen w/some pied spotting showing

Different hen the hen pictured above. Red breasted, tuxedo/pied, dark head, dark morph hen w/pants.
Two of my Coturnix quail hens