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Serama Chickens, Frillback Pigeons
Button, Coturnix and Bob White Quail

I am NPIP and I do ship :)
 Seramas are the world's smallest breed of chicken. They can come in different feather types such as smooth, frizzle (curly) and silkied (like fur). They are common as house pets in their native country of Malaysia. Temperamentally they are known to be very sweet and people oriented.

The smallest are called Micro, A size or Tribbles. Tribbles are a "type" of Serama. They are known as ball Serama type. They are known for being very small, round, fluffy and look like a puff ball with legs. They are somewhat new in the USA and are rare.
Chicks must be 2.5 month old juveniles to ship. Local pickup available. I  can offer to hold chicks until old enough to ship with an extra fee. 

I do ship. I use approved shipping boxes and have been shipping birds all over the USA for years. I will only ship to the continental USA states. Birds are guaranteed healthy at the time of shipment. I am NPIP certified. 

I do offer eggs as well.  I ship in foam via Priority mail with tracking. I have an excellent feedback rating as an above average seller on ebay under TammieC.

6+ Serama eggs (silkied and carriers) $40 + $14 shipping
12+ Serama eggs (silkied and carriers) $80 + $14 shipping
also will include some "surprise" bantam eggs if available in addition to your Serama eggs :)

Button Quail eggs- 20+ eggs for $20 plus shipping $14.

Contact me by email at cspots@netzero.net or you can contact me on Facebook.at the link below.

Sales List 04/21/2018

Peeper's two chicks:
1) 3/22 silkied white w/chocolate splash cockerel - Tribble SOLD 

Laces four chicks:
3) 2/28 small black with unusual mottling and lacing smooth cockerel 
4) 2/28 wheaton splash/columbian silkied tribble pullet - Tribble

7)1/18 Tri-color (black, white and chocolate) smooth cockerel 
9) 12/17 Chocolate/black w/mahogany mottled smooth cockerel 
10) SOLD 
11) SOLD
12) SOLD
13) 1/18 Tiny silkied pullet buff w/columbian pullet -Tribble HOLD SD
14) 1/18 Tiny silkied silver partridge w/barring on wings Tribble HOLD SD
15) Ghost -  SOLD 

16) SOLD
17) Betsy - silkied chocolate mottled hen - shown success HOLD EX
18) SOLD
19) Raffle -  SOLD- SM
20) Frankie - SOLD
21) Dotti  - SOLD 
22) Bifur -  SOLD 
23) 2059-  SOLD
24) Coffee -  SOLD 
25) Little Black - gypsy faced black smooth hen HOLD EX
26) Patches - 2016 Mille Fleur smooth hen HOLD EX
27) Iris's daughter - 2018 she just started laying. silkied hen.

Buttons Quails (indoor bird) Pictures below
14 adult males in exciting colors and patterns!
black splash, brown splash, white, silver, wild tuxedo, golden pearl,
 cinnamon, normal/wild HOLD ALL BD

3/6  Male Juveniles in colors of- wild, silver, wild tuxedo, silver tuxedo, 
white, splash, red breasted, blue face. HOLD ALL BD

Coturnix quail- (7) all males  * For Pets or Breeding only! *
Rosetta, normal, blue, white w/blk spot on head  HOLD ALL BD

Button Quails - AKA Chinese Blue Breasted Quails
$1 each - Pets only! HOLD ALL
Coturnix Quails $1 each - Pets only! HOLD ALL
#7 Tri -color cockerel $25
#17 show hen $65 HOLD
#25 gypsy faced hen $35 HOLD
 and #22 black hen $35 HOLD 
#9  silver tri color mottled w/chocolate cockerel $20
#19 blue hen $65
#26  dilute mottled
 hen $35 HOLD
#13 buff columbian silkied
 pullet $85 and #14 silver partridge
 pullet $85 HOLD BOTH
#17 silkied silver red partridge hen $65 HOLD
#13 buff colbn pullet $85
#1 silkied most likely cockerel - tiny! $20
#3 tiny unique patterned cockerel $20
​#27 buff silkied young hen $60
#4 tiny silkied buff
 mottled pullet $85