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Serama Chickens, Frillback Pigeons
Button, Coturnix, Harlequin and Bob White Quail

I am NPIP and I do ship :)
email: cspots@netzero.net or contact  me on Facebook :  
 Seramas are the world's smallest breed of chicken. They can come in different feather types such as smooth, frizzle (curly) and silkied (like fur). They are common as house pets in their native country of Malaysia. Temperamentally they are known to be very sweet and people oriented.

I do ship. I use approved shipping boxes and have been shipping birds all over the USA for years. I will only ship to the continental USA states. Birds are guaranteed healthy at the time of shipment. I am NPIP certified. 

I do offer eggs as well.  I ship in foam via Priority mail with tracking. I have an excellent feedback rating as an above average seller on ebay under TammieC.

also for sale:
Button Quail eggs- 12+ eggs for $20 plus shipping $14. I have just about all colors Buttons come in including the blue tuxedos, splash pattern and dilutes.

Coturnix Quail eggs - colors are normal, rosetta tuxedo, dilute rosetta, blue tuxedo, silver, yellow and spotted. Some of the eggs will be celedon (blue). $10 a dozen plus $14 shipping

Harlequin Quail eggs - 8+ eggs for $15 plus $14 shipping

Serama Chicken eggs- smallest breed of chicken in the world- $80 dozen plus $14 shipping. 6+ available for $40 plus $14 shipping.

Contact me by email at cspots@netzero.net or you can contact me on Facebook.at the link below.
*Prices to change without notice

Sales List 06/22/2018
​Seramas, Quail & Pigeons
Some of our Seramas below **Not for sale**  See further down for sales list :)
Pair #1 
Silkied pair- duckwing mottled rooster and a partridge mottled hen that has started laying- both 6 months with soft silkied feathering.  $125 for the pair
Roosters- available individually. black with silver on hackle, a uniquely colored rooster with unusual spangling and "Charlie" is a beautiful silver chocolate with lacing. Small adoption fee each.

 mottled frizzled cockerel "Mikey" and a  multicolor smooth pullet $125
Button Quail 

Frillback Pigeons
This is one of my pairs of Frillbacks. They are not for sale but they have two fledgelings that look just like them. If your interested in the fledgelings send me a message.
​ #8
Button Quails

Button quail Chicks 7/28 : 1 normal, 2 tuxedo, 2 silver, 1 red breasted, 2 blue face
White – 4 (3 girls, 1 boy)
4 normal males
1 normal hen
3 blue faced male
1 Golden pearl hen
1 Red Breasted hen
1 Silver pair
2 silver RB hens
1 silver cinn hen
1 silver male
1 Silver male
1 Ivory hen (pale silver)
2 Cinn hen
3 whites/splash ?
Cinn pied hen
RB tux hen
Normal tux hen
Silver RB tux hen
1 Golden Pearl pied male
1 blue pied male
Silver splash male
Blue Faced pied male

 Coturnix Quails

Coturnix Quail are great as pets or the eggs are wonderful for eating. When you see the "gourmet quail eggs" in the restaurant, those are Coturnix eggs. 

Brooder Coturnix chicks 1 light tuxedo, 1 darker tuxedo, 1 tibetan tuxedo, hatched 7/28
Coturnix juveniles- just starting to lay- 4 tibetan tuxedo, 2 lavender tux (1 is a male) 2 tibetan tux for sale

Juveniles 6/9 2 partridge mottled smooth cockerels- awsome color! $20 each or $30 for both!

Butch 2017 – blue rooster from Jerry schexnayder. $75

Harlequin quail –1 pair and 2 single males $45 for all 4

bantam Orpington- 1 mauve cockerel 
Snowflake Bob White Quail – 5 birds, 2 male, 3 female . Laying eggs daily $100 for all