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Serama Chickens, Frillback Pigeons
Button, Coturnix 

 I do ship in continental USA :)
email: cspots@netzero.net or contact  me on Facebook :  
 Seramas are the world's smallest breed of chicken. They can come in different feather types such as smooth, frizzle (curly) and silkied (like fur). They are common as house pets in their native country of Malaysia. Temperamentally they are known to be very sweet and people oriented.

I do ship. I use approved shipping boxes and have been shipping birds all over the USA for years. I will only ship to the continental USA states. Birds are guaranteed healthy at the time of shipment. I am NPIP certified. 

I do offer eggs as well.  I ship in foam via Priority mail with tracking. I have an excellent feedback rating as an above average seller on ebay under TammieC.

Contact me by email at cspots@netzero.net or you can contact me on Facebook.at the link below.
*Prices to change without notice
Button Quail

Serama Chickens
Button quails aka Chinese blue breasted quails are the smallest of the quail species. They are always busy and are a lot of fun to watch. They come in many colors. They are easy to care for and make great pets!

I have single males and mated pairs. Sorry- no single hens available. If your not local- I do ship.

Send me a message if your looking for Button quails or Button eggs and we can chat about what I have available :)
I breed and sell the smallest chicken breed in the world- The Serama Chicken! They are sweet, confident, colorful little birds. I breed for Seramas with the feather type of silkied, smooth (normal) and frizzled. The types I breed are Traditional, Tribbles (Apple type) and Ayam Malaysian. I hatch chicks in the incubator and also occationally let hens hatch their own chicks. I handle chicks from day once and as often as I can as they grow. I love when a chick just loves being cuddled :)

Message me if your interested in my Seramas and we can talk about what type you would like, colors, eggs ect :)
These are examples of the different types- examples only, not for sale