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Serama Chickens, Frillback Pigeons
Button, Coturnix 

 I do ship in continental USA :)
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 Seramas are the world's smallest breed of chicken. They can come in different feather types such as smooth, frizzle (curly) and silkied (like fur). They are common as house pets in their native country of Malaysia. Temperamentally they are known to be very sweet and people oriented.

I do ship. I use approved shipping boxes and have been shipping birds all over the USA for years. I will only ship to the continental USA states. Birds are guaranteed healthy at the time of shipment. I am NPIP certified. 

I do offer eggs as well.  I ship in foam via Priority mail with tracking. I have an excellent feedback rating as an above average seller on ebay under TammieC.

Contact me by email at cspots@netzero.net or you can contact me on Facebook.at the link below.
*Prices to change without notice

Coturnix Quail

2.Coturnix – 2 dilute chocolate boys - $ for adoption

Button Quail

4. Pair – pied male and RB hen $20 pair
5.BQ juveniles- cinnamon male and 2 unsexed whites $10 all 3
6.BQ boys- blue face, cinnamon with white wingtips $ for adoption
7.BQ boys-  2 normal $ for adoption
8. Pair - Spl male and white hen $20 pair
9. Trio - Splash boy, 2 white hens $30 trio

Serama Chickens

11.Seramas - Juvenile silkied cockerel- buff exchequer $35 
12.Serama chicks – inquire if looking for chicks. Local pick up only.
13.Serama Micro/A hen K’s Black Lace- black with gold lacing- tiny girl- lays $100
16.Barred Ser/Cochin x cockerel and a mottled Ser/Cochin x cockerel $ for adoption
17.Brooder- 3 Serama boys- buff with black, black and black with mahogany face $ for adoption
19.Serama rooster- blue exchequer silkied $25
20.Serama hen and chicks- dark laced chocolate smooth hen with three chicks- buff silkied, black with face mottling smooth and exchequer smooth $80 for all 4.
21. Laced hen- super mom $100
#19 Blue exchequer silkied roo 
#11 juvenile silkied cockerel
#13 Tiny black laced hen 
#12 I have chicks! All colors- smooth and silkied. Local pick up only. Message me if interested.
#16 barred Cochin cockerel and mottled Cochin cockerel
#17 Young cockerel chicks - Buff with black, black and black with mahogany face. Pictures soon!
#20 Chocolate with black lacing hen and 3 chicks. Chicks are a black smooth, exchequer smooth and a buff silkied. 
#5 Cinnamon male and two unsexed whites
#2 dilute chocolate Coturnix Quail boys. They would do best with girls of their own.
Harlequin boys
2 harlequin males - Free for adoption
#4 Pied male and red breasted hen
#6 pictures soon!
#7 Normal male
#8 and #9 Pictures soon!
#21 Laced hen