C Spots Farm

Each spring, here at C Spots Farm, we have chicks for sale. We love all kinds of chickens and typically will have standard Rhode Island Red and Easter Egger female chicks. We also have Silkies in multiple colors as well as bantam Cochins. On occation we will have Seramas for sale. If your looking for something in particlar shoot us an email at cspots@netzero.net.
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Bantam Belgian D'Anvers Hen
Silkied Serama Hen
Silkied Serama Hen
Silkie Hen
Bantam Cochin Hen
Golden Sebright Hen
Rhode Island Red Hen
New! two Serama chicks- one is frizzle! Not for sale
Little Red Hen our reliable Old English hen adopted this cute Japanese Bantam chick that was hatched in the incubator. She takes care of her like she's her own.
Chicks and Chickens for sale
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