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Raise Coturnix Quails for Eggs

Are you looking for a way to provide your own food in some way? Chickens and quail are popular ways to have your own eggs. If you can’t have chickens, due to city regulations you can consider quail’s eggs.

The Coturnix quail is the most popular quail for egg production. They are also known as King quail, Pharoah quail and Japanese quail. Coturnix quail are a small gamebird that not only can provide your family with eggs but they make wonderful pets, are easy to care for and are inexpensive and thier meat is quite tasty.

Coturnix quail are excellent egg producers and can lay just about an egg a day. Both the eggs, the breast meat and as boilers, are considered highly desirable delicacies. If you are looking to maintain breeding stock to replenish your supply, Coturnix quail start laying eggs at 3 months of age and can hatch their eggs and raise their chicks with little help.

Coturnix quail are very easy to care for. Their housing environment is minimal. They tend to be a calm animal although they do have a tendency to jump up in the air and glide down to earth when frightened. They make wonderful pets especially when handled as chicks. Quail are very disease resistant. They require a small amount of game bird food daily and produce their eggs just about daily. For each two pounds of feed produces approximately one pound of eggs. Compared to chickens, this conversion ratio is excellent.

Quail eggs are not as large as a regular chicken egg. It takes 3 quail eggs to equal one chicken egg in volume. As the quail ages the eggs will get larger. They make a perfect bite sized boiled egg!

Nutritionally quail eggs are four times greater than a chicken egg. They have five times the iron and potassium. They are high in vitamin A & B and packed with protein and calcium. Quail eggs are high in “good” cholesterol (HDL) and do not contain any “bad” cholesterol (LDL). People that have allergies to eggs, find they can eat quail eggs.

If you have decided to go ahead with your quail project there are a few things to consider first. Check with your state’s Fish and Game department to make sure you don’t need a permit before you bring your Coturnix quail home. Most states don’t require permits on this breed of quail. Often if your town has poultry restrictions this will not include quail. Check with your local town office.

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