"established in 1992"

Coturnix quail
Button Quail
 (aka Chinese Blue Breasted Quail)
We support 4-H and Future Farmers of America
C Spots Farm
Franklin, MA
Silkied Serama chickens
Button, Coturnix, Bob White quail and Frillback Pigeons
silkied Serama roo- "Titan"

Smooth Serama hen "Buff"
silkied Serama roo "Gandalf"
Snowflake Bob White Quail
Silkied Serama hen
Harelequin Quail
Button Quail
Smooth Seramas
Tribbles aka "ball" Serama aka micro size
One of our Portuguese Tumbler Pigeons.
Frillback (curly feathered) Pigeons